Welcome to Wise Traffic School, an honest company with NO HIDDEN FEES!
We know that you have a choice in traffic schools, and we thank you for choosing ours.
We offer two Basic Driver Improvement Courses and a Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education Course.
Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) Course
Got a traffic ticket?

As a WISE graduate:
(1) Traffic ticket points will not be added to your license
(2) Your insurance rates cannot be raised unless you are at fault in a crash, saving you ~$200/year in automobile insurance premiums!

We provide you with two on-line options:
(1) our original text-based reading course and
(2) the state of Florida's ONLY streaming internet video course.

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Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) Course
Welcome First Time Drivers!
Are you ready to get on the road?

According to Florida law, first-time drivers applying for a learner's permit or first-time driver's license must complete a Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) Course approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

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You have a great course, and I would gladly recommend it to a friend. Your course was easy to read, and the course functions in a very straight-forward and simple manner.
- Ann

Your course was awesome -- very easy to navigate, and you had the lowest price.
- Carrie

Thank you. I actually enjoyed the class. Good refresher.
- Howard

Your course was great. I have already recommended that a bunch of people take your course.
- Julio

I have recommended your course to three people. I was very happy that I was able to print my certificate immediately after completing your course and at no additional cost.
- Sharon

I have previously taken a DVD course, an in-person course, and now your course. Your course is by far the best I have taken. You should be very proud of it.
- Connie

You have an excellent course that contained lots of great material. Also, thank you for your honest, "no hidden fee" pricing.
- Stan

After taking your course, I recommended it to my daughter because of the quality of your course and the low price.
- Laura

Thank you for having such a good course. I took the course at the library, and it worked great.
- William

You all are so kind and cooperative. I will recommend you!
- Robert

Your course has made me re-evaluate my driving. I have been driving too aggressively and will stop doing that. You have a very good course. Keep up the good work.
- Robert

I'm calling because it is important to let people know when they do a good job.
- John

I prepare educational programs for seniors. I want to compliment you on how well your driver improvement course is put together. I will gladly recommend your course.
- Vikki

I waited until the last day to take my course. It was easy, and I got my certificate right away. Thank you.
- Bo

I'm calling to thank you for your great service. It was a real pleasure doing business with you. I've done this before with another school, and it was a real nightmare. Once again, thank you.
- Stephen

I am not a computer person so I want to thank you for the easy way your course works. I had absolutely no problems.
- Janice

Your video course was excellent, and I'm not just saying that because I scored 100% on the test. There was lots of useful information. Everything went great.
- Russell

Everything went great. Your video course is a very user-friendly system.
- Alejandro

I selected your video option. Everything was great. Your course was a lot easier than I thought it would be -- it benefited me a lot.
- Daniel

Your video course was great. You'll have more business coming because I just told a friend about you.
- Shaunta

I'm sure you hear this from a lot of people, but your course was very user-friendly, and I learned a lot. Thank you.
- Jo Ellen

Everything worked really well. I received my certificate right after I finished your course. Thank you very much.
- Tina

I did not have a ticket -- I took your course to receive a reduction in my insurance, and I really enjoyed it.
- Beth

Your course is the first online education course that I have taken. Everything went well, and I learned a lot. You have a good thing going.
- Michael

Even an old guy like me was able to successfully complete your online course with no problems. Great program. I will gladly recommend you.
- Scott

Thank you for providing such a high quality product at a fair price. I could not be more pleased. So many of your competitors advertise low prices but have hidden fees. It is a shame they are able to get away with their false advertising.
- Ann

I thought I might be too old to take an online course, but everything went well. Turns out your course is very user-friendly. Thanks a lot.
- Carol

I am the pastor of a church. You have a good course. I will recommend you.
- Lenard

I'm calling to compliment you on your great video course. Although I've been driving for over 40 years, I learned so much from your course. Everyone should be required to do this. I will gladly recommend your company.
- Daniel

Your course is outstanding. I am so impressed with your course that I am going to have my son take it before he gets his driver's license. Thank you!
- Richard

Thank you so much for everything. I was extremely satisfied with your service! You made things so simple in every way. I would highly recommend you to anyone!
- Carol Anne

Thank you for posting my completion certificate so quickly as I need to turn it in today. Your course went very well. I will recommend you to other people.
- Jean

I'm 70 years old and have been driving for many years. I must compliment you on the quality of your course. It is very well done.
- Bruce

This is the kind of course that all drivers should attend. Well done. Thank you.
- Michael

Your class was much more informative than the in-person course I took with another company several years ago. Thank you.
- Tylona

When my friend got a ticket, I recommended your company because you answer your phones and are kind and helpful.
- Suzzanne

I would gladly recommend you to anyone. When I called yesterday, Rhonda was so helpful in providing my citation number and in telling me when my course was due.
- Carolyn

I want to thank you for your honest pricing.
- Joseph

I want to thank you for your helpfulness. Before taking the course I called your office, and you were very helpful in explaining everything I needed to do with my ticket, you answered a question I had during the course, and you issued my certificate right away after I completed my course. Again, thank you very much.
- Timothy

Your course has made an impact on my driving. I'm leaving early for work this morning so I won't be rushed.
- Erik

Your course is very good. I'm 60 years old and have been driving since I was 16, and yet I actually learned from your course. Again, thank you.
- Rebecca

About 15 years ago I took a course with another company. Your course was much better. I learned a lot. Thank you.
- Dianne

Great School. Great service. Thank you.
- Bob

Your course was outstanding. Everything worked as advertised. Thank you. I will gladly recommend your company.
- Victor

Thanks very much. Your course is excellent. Best one I've ever taken.
- Larry

Whoever wrote your course did a really good job. This may sound strange, but in a way, I'm actually glad that I got a ticket because I have learned so much taking this course.
- Martha

Thank you so much! You really went above and beyond anything I would have expected where customer service is concerned.
- Lucy

Your excellent class is making me a safer driver. Everyone should take this class.
- Julie

Your course was fabulous. I’ve taken other courses in the past, and your course was so much better. Your course is very well-written, and it really got through to me. Thank you. I’ll gladly recommend you.
- Sheila

Your course is excellent. I went to an in-person course a while back and learned absolutely nothing. I learned a lot from your internet course -- things that I am actually using in my driving. Thank you.
- Brian

You have a fantastic course. A while back I took a course from another company, and it was not as well-written, and the information provided was not very helpful. Taking your course has made this whole experience very beneficial.
- Whitney