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The Wise Guys circa 1981
The Wise Guys today

WISE TRAFFIC SCHOOL IS A FAMILY BUSINESS in the truest sense of the term. Owned and operated exclusively by father Sid Wise and sons Matt and Sam Wise, Wise Traffic School has been providing driver improvement education since 2004. Sid is a retired Air Force fighter pilot, Matt is a physician, and Sam is a Florida attorney. Matt and Sam have been partners in several internet-based businesses.

When people ask us how we got into the driving safety business, we explain that we wanted to be part of the effort to reduce traffic crashes in the state of Florida. But there was an additional catalyst as well — Sandra, Sid's better half and mother to Matt and Sam. She needed some relief from all of the togetherness associated with Sid's retirement. Shortly after Sid's retirement, Sam received a traffic citation and decided to attend a basic driver improvement course to avoid points being added to his driving record. With their mother's request in mind, Matt and Sam had an epiphany: Sid's experience as an instructor pilot and safety officer in the Air Force and the sense of mission and service that came with his military career could be combined with their experience as internet entrepreneurs to create Wise Traffic School. And as the old saying goes, "the rest is history."

Since 2004, we have developed, and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has approved, five courses. Also, we have personally taught over 1000 in-person classes to over 10,000 students in our local community, and WE HAVE PROVIDED OUR ON-LINE COURSES TO OVER 250,000 STUDENTS ACROSS THE STATE OF FLORIDA. During this time, we have been grateful to have received MANY POSITIVE COMMENTS FROM OUR STUDENTS REGARDING THE QUALITY OF OUR COURSES, THEIR USER-FRIENDLY PRESENTATION, AND OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Believe it or not, some of our students have reported that completing our Basic Driver Improvement Course actually turned receiving a traffic citation into a positive experience, and others have stated that all drivers would benefit from taking one of our courses.

Also, many of our students have thanked us for the honest and straight-forward way that we advertise and price our courses. Unfortunately, our largest competitors have chosen to use deceptive pricing; they advertise "the lowest price" but then add additional hidden fees. While we're certain that we lose business to companies that practice deceptive pricing everyday, we have refused to resort to their tactics. We believe that Florida drivers deserve better. Deceptive pricing harms the effort to make driver improvement education a positive experience for all. AT WISE TRAFFIC SCHOOL, THE STATED PRICE IS ALWAYS THE TOTAL PRICE.

Our goal at Wise Traffic School is to reduce traffic crashes in the State of Florida. To accomplish this goal, we challenge you to change your driving habits — to abide by traffic laws and to use safe driving practices every time you get behind the wheel. We believe that every driver, even one with many years of driving experience, can become a safer driver, a driver who is less likely to cause a vehicle crash.

We hope you will take our challenge to become a safer driver!