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Welcome to Wise Traffic School!
We know that you have a choice in traffic schools.
Thank you for choosing ours.

We are proud to offer:
  • Warm, friendly customer service. We're a family business after all.
  • Fair, transparent, "no hidden fees" pricing.
  • Very competitive pricing. Please see our Price Comparison Charts.
There's only ONE WAY to do traffic school...The WISE way! No Hidden Fees - The STATED price is always the TOTAL price at Wise Traffic School! Wise Traffic School - A Family Business...in the truest sense of the term!


Basic Driver Improvement Course - 4 Hours

Got a traffic ticket?
Wise Traffic School can help you keep those points off your license.

We offer two on-line BDI Course options - each with UNLIMITED EXAM ATTEMPTS:

  1. Our original text-based BDI Reading Course for $27.95
  2. The state of Florida's ONLY streaming BDI Video Course for $37.95

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Learner License and First-Time Drivers

Welcome, Aspiring Drivers!
Are you ready to hit the road?
Wise Traffic School can get you there.

We have everything that you need:

  1. Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) Course for $13.00
  2. Practice for the Driver License Knowledge Exam (4 Practice Exams) for $4.95
  3. Driver License Knowledge Exam for $17.95
  4. Prepare for the Driver License Skills Test for $3.95

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Mature Driver Insurance Discount Course

Welcome, Senior Drivers!
Are you ready to lower your auto insurance rates?
Wise Traffic School can help.

According to Florida law, auto insurance companies must provide a 3-year premium reduction to insured senior drivers, drivers 55 years and older, who complete a 6-hour Mature Driver Insurance Discount Course. Complete our course for $13.95.

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